Distorted Crackle Weave Rug

Distorted Crackle Weave Rug


Dimensions: 46” x 60”

Mercerized Cotton (warp), Wool Felt and Yarn (weft)

This rug began as an experiment. I am drawn to traditional designs and handwork being presented in a new, fresh way. The pattern is traditional, but woven with the inclusion of thick felted wool strips-- not a technique you'll find many weavers using.

What emerged from the loom was a fabric with depth, heft, and plushness: exactly what I hoped for. What surprised me was the interesting visual effect, a distortion of the woven structure and original pattern created with this alternative material paired to this weave.

The selvedge is finished using a hand-knotted technique on all four sides. The wool selvedges contribute a unique and important design element for this piece.


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