Olive and Apricot Twill Petite Sac

Olive and Apricot Twill Petite Sac


Zigzags woven with chunky wool yarn in a simple twill, a common weaving pattern exaggerated in this piece by the elements of color and texture. In weaving, the pattern can be both a limitation and a muse.
Olive paired with pale gray, trimmed with two bands of apricot wool felt.
Adjustable in its construction, this bag was designed to convert from a small backpack to a cross-body shoulder bag by simply unbuckling the leather straps on either side.

Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 12"

Wool yarn, merino wool felt, rustic brown waxed canvas, honey brown veg-tanned leather

Each bag is made with quality materials: merino wool felt, durable waxed canvas, honey brown leather and a water resistant quiet gray cotton canvas lining. The unique and special pocket that covers the entire front was designed and created meticulously by hand. Inside this bag there is one large compartment as well as two smaller (6” x 4”) pockets.

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