Chroma Colonial Coverlet Rug

Chroma Colonial Coverlet Rug



50" x 72"



Merino Wool Felt, Hand Dyed Mohair, Cotton Warp


I've learned that I work in a different way than many other weavers. For example, when making rugs I want to design as I go, similar to how I would create a drawing or painting. The end result is unknown, and exciting to discover, even if sometimes it doesn't work. Letting my intuition guide my work keeps me coming back to the studio each morning.

This piece was inspired by a traditional coverlet pattern. Color saturation was clearly on my mind, and a subtle distortion of the original pattern emerged through the process of preparing the loom, weaving, and piecing together. Patterns, shapes, and colors harmonized when I brought it all together.


*Please email me if you are interested in learning more about this special, one of a kind piece.

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