Cloud Cover Handwoven Backpack

Cloud Cover Handwoven Backpack


Most of my ideas begin on paper. This backpack began as a drawing from one of my old sketchbooks and a challenge to replicate in felt. Each piece was basted together first, then finished in a patchwork quilting
technique to reference a cloudy sky.

11"x 5" x 17-23"

Designed as a classic style roll top backpack. Sure to be unique, each piece is hand-dyed and sewn with matching stitching.
Two expandable pockets on each side are adjustable and include convenient snap closures. The main compartment rolls up with adjustable leather straps and can accommodate both large and small loads. The interior is lined with a neutral-toned, durable cotton canvas and includes two additional pockets near the opening to keep smaller items accessible as well as a compartment to carry your laptop securely and comfortably against your back. The shoulder straps have adjustable sliders and leather and canvas gussets
at the base for strength.

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